13 January 2008

Do Italians know what an orangutan IS?

Saw for the first time a few days ago a new promo for a National Geographic channel here on Sky (NatGeo Wild, if i'm not mistaken). It's basically a montage of animals that corrispond to animals in a children's song...
Ci son 2 coccodrilli
ed un orang-utan
due piccoli serpenti
poi l'aquila reale
il gatto, il gufo
e l'elefante
non manca piĆ¹ nessuno
BUT...instead of an orangutan, there's a nice big close-up of a gorilla. A gorilla. Apparently the Italian branch of one of the most respected names in natural science reportage can't tell the difference between the two great apes. Forza, NatGeo!