29 October 2010

At the risk of becoming repetitive...

Superenalotto concorso 129: €18,50. Move over, Paperone!

Last night on TG1, they reported on that the italians are getting fed up with Superenalotto because no one was winning. Which i find a bit...strange. I mean, the way Superenalotto works is that you have to hit six out 90 randomly-drawn numbers to win the Superenalotto Jackpot. Well, if no one is hitting, and the jackpot is at a record high (as of this writing, €180.837.209,85, italian notation), i'd think everyone would be happy as it shows that nothing is rigged. I myself would think that if people were winning less-than-€10M jackpots regularly, something's fishy. But what do i know?

Remember, it's all random.

21 October 2010

Once again...BINGO!

Superenalotto concorso 125 (19 ottobre 2010): €20,18!

Still working on €176.000.000...

(Note: these posts are using italian notation -- i.e.: one dollar and ninety-nine cents = $1,99; four thousand, three hundred = 4.300)

17 October 2010


This bloggish site covers one of the reasons i fell in love at an early age with graphic art and print, simultaneously with comic books and the Sunday Funnies. And i thought i was the only one in love with 65-line screens off-register...

12 October 2010

Death to Helvetica

...the typeface “designers” without a clue or just plain lazy always resort to. It always looks good because it says absolutely nothing.

Gap reverts back to its old logo after only one week
(via BBC)...guess what typeface was used on the new logo...?


06 October 2010

Fender Evil Twin

I love this! And i'm shocked no one has ever thought of this before...the Fender Evil Twin!

What? Too guitar geek?

On the road to €157.000.000

Superenalotto concorso 119...€15,88!

04 October 2010

Way cool

A Brooklyn father and son send a homemade “spacecraft,” complete with a HD videocam and a GPS-enabled cellphone, 19 miles into outer space! (thanks, Slashdot!)

“Pics or it ain’t true,” you say? Well...here ya go!

Forget about what you might have done on your summer vacation...this is way cool.

And is Brooklyn now the center of the universe or what? So it has seemed for the last year or so.