24 April 2011

Happy Whatever-You-Celebrate

Listening to: lots and lots of Mick Taylor-era Rolling Stones. Go figure...!

I usually refrain from these kinds of "Hinglish" posts, being too easy a target even for me, but it was just too cute to pass up...

Phatfinder! This simple typographical error (especially in italian) just brings a smile to my face! And for those who aren't guitar-geeky as i am, this particular model is a Vox Pathfinder.

Yeah, the truth is i'm just easily amused.

13 April 2011

Lester who?

I remember a 4-or-5-o'clock-in-the-morning Max's Kansas City, downstairs, the lights were actually on and they were cleaning up, and we were at the table across from the last booth, me, April and Frankie and maybe Ruby and some drunk older guy with a big mustache and dark, wavy hair but balding and he just talked and talked and talked and talked and i think April and Frankie were talking with him or at least trying to get a word in edgewise and i was thinking, "who is this asshole?" Lester Bangs.

And me being a complete goat about certain things, i didn't even realize who he was. And i even came from the same place as he did. And i even read Creem...voluntarily too! Oh, i really was so dumb. And i guess i still am!

As for when it happened, chronologically, i couldn't tell ya.

10 April 2011

Wikipedia is my friend, but not yours

Why is everybody's photo on Wikipedia a train wreck? Oh, i realize that the photos (for the most part) are either copyright-free in one form or another or fair-usage, and that doesn't usually make for Anton Corbijn/Annie Liebowitz-shot, heavy Photoshopped photos, but it's everybody's bad hair day on Wikipedia!