29 October 2010

At the risk of becoming repetitive...

Superenalotto concorso 129: €18,50. Move over, Paperone!

Last night on TG1, they reported on that the italians are getting fed up with Superenalotto because no one was winning. Which i find a bit...strange. I mean, the way Superenalotto works is that you have to hit six out 90 randomly-drawn numbers to win the Superenalotto Jackpot. Well, if no one is hitting, and the jackpot is at a record high (as of this writing, €180.837.209,85, italian notation), i'd think everyone would be happy as it shows that nothing is rigged. I myself would think that if people were winning less-than-€10M jackpots regularly, something's fishy. But what do i know?

Remember, it's all random.

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