10 March 2008

Twiddling in OS X

I've always been a Nextstep fan, which is weird because i've never actually used it. I've never been an Emacs fan because that, to me, is akin to attaching alligator clips to my genitalia. Yes, i know some people actually like that...and i realize some people actually like Emacs.

“What's yr point, big fella?”

After reading this post on Slashdot, i learned that you can “twiddle” (exchange characters) in any NS textBox field! Therefore, “teh” with the cursor after the “h”, after a deft CTRL-t, becomes “the”! Or in my case, “becuase” becomes “because”!

The reason i mention Emacs at all is that any NStext (basically any text field using the system libraries for text) can take advantage of Emacs key bindings, CTRL-t being “twiddle”.

The bad news: Firefox does not use NSText fields and guess what i'm using right now to write this post? I'm sure Safari doesn't have this problem.

Bonus points: don't forget about CTRL-F4 for switching between open windows instead of open apps. It's not as ergonomic as Command-Tab but it's nice to know and use.

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