26 January 2011

Modern-day Pharoahs, Part III

From my various RSS subscriptions comes this interesting tidbit/rant about our modern-day Pharoahs from, surprisingly enough of all places, the animation-news site, Cartoon Brew, entitled...

The Obscene Pay of Viacom Execs

Here's a teaser: three men alone earned a total last year of $164,200,000 (Philippe Dauman, chief executive: $84.5 million, Tom Dooley, chief operating officer: $64.7 million, Sumner Redstone, chairman/controlling shareholder: $15 million). Earned...what exactly does one do in a similar position to earn that kind of money?

Equally interesting are some of the comments on the article.

In other unrelated news, i discovered using Back In Time backup software for GNU/Linux takes roughly two-and-a-half hours to back up the netbook's 64GB HD to an external 320GB USB2 HD. That's a long time, doncha think? No, it's not the first snapshot. And it's only 16GB backup, the rest of the disc being free. I can only compare against my Core2 Duo iMac and Time Machine: a 350-odd-GB backup doesn't take half that long...but i will document the time next backup.

EDIT: reflecting on that slow backup situation...could it be that the drive is formatted NTFS is slowing things down?

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