28 March 2011

Secret Origins, Part 1.6

Nine, you rule...what else is new?

According to Wikipedia, Madonna's last band, the one i remember, is called Emmy, with Stephen Bray playing the drums! Fuck Google, they're just your nosy neighbor, helping you out only because they wanna know yr bidness! Wikipedia is your real friend!

Unfortunately, there isn't a Emmy entry on Wikipedia. Breakfast Club, sì però.

EDIT 2011-03-29: Thanks to my friend and yours Wikipedia, i found this page with photos of Emmy! And there's Brian the guitarist, Stephen the drummer, Madonna and...and...who's that guy? That's not who i used to rent my bass amp from! Hmmmm...(not-so) precocious Alzheimer's setting in? The stranger thing is that i remember Madonna's Rickenbacker (which i thought was so cool)!

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plannine said...

Whatever, Madonna sucks.