20 May 2011

Adventures in Gardening

Before i continue i must apologize for the lousy quality of these photos.

two ripe habanero peppers
These are two ripe Habanero peppers. Or at least i believe they are Habaneros (they could be Scotch Bonnets), as they actually are imported from somewhere in Africa, and that's the most information i can glean from the Bengalis i buy them from at the world-famous Piazza Vittorio market here in Rome.

two habaneros from my habanero plant
These two babies are freshly harvested Habanero peppers from the plants i grew from seed last year, along with Locotos, Thai chiles and Bangla chiles.

And now, a photo of the four aforementioned chiles with two cherries for scale...
four chiles and two cherries
Try not to hurt yourself laughing so hard.

I think the Habanero plant needs more room to grow chiles of any decent size.

EDIT 2011-05-23: Nine sez they'd make great earrings...!

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