22 May 2011

Is this thing on?

The Fast's LP The Fast For Sale must have had just come out recently (at the time, 1980) and Frankie says to me, "Didja know that there was a third brother?" And me, "No, really?" "Yeah," sez Frankie in his great gravelly Boston tenor, "Cal Zone!"

I pissed my pants laughin' at that one...and strangely enough, i still do every time i think about it. But i'm like that with certain jokes.

Gee, Frankie should've said he went on to be a pizza chef...! BA-DA-BING!

And i come to find out years later there really was a third Zone brother...but Armand doesn't make for laughs like Cal does.


plannine said...

perhaps it would be funny if anyone knew the zone brothers were even in the fast's...or better yet, THE FAST'S!

Grey Tomorrow said...

Well, ya see, here's the thing... HAHAHAHA!...I LOVE YOU!

Yr probably right that i should have set it up better, but for some subliminal reason i wanted to leave it inside-joke-y.

And it's The Fast, not The Fast's...nor The Fasts...er, ehmm...

CAL ZONE!!! Y'get it??? HAHAHAHAHA!!!