28 January 2012

Michigan voted 50th most intelligent state

...voted by a panel of one...me.
  • Most Michiganders support paying 6% Michigan sales tax for online purchases, poll shows. Proves that most Michigan citizens actually believe in paying for things you shouldn't have to. Maybe the American 0.1%-1% should be paying more than 14% of income tax on their earnings, like most of the middle class (right-leaning or not) is paying out. Let's see what that does for state income.
  • “Are they allowed to be here?”, asked 17-year-old high school student Dana Messman, regarding the protesters outside (400 feet outside from the outside) of the University of Michigan's Glick Fieldhouse, Ann Arbor, MI where President Obama gave his speech. Are they allowed to be here? Really? Says Attorney and passerby Barry Goodman, “I don’t agree with what they’re saying, but they have a right to be there.” Uhmmm, just in case y'all forgot.
  • And, me, even though Google has changed their privacy policy and terms of service effective March 1, 2012, i'm still posting with their Blogger service, still using their GMail service, still watching and posting on their YouTube service, and own an Android-based phone which lays bare any and all my movements telephonic. From their privacy policy FAQ:
We believe anonymizing IP addresses after 9 months and cookies in our search engine logs after 18 months strikes the right balance
Right balance of what? Now i'm not so naive that we get all these nifty Google services without some kind of price. Of course their data collection is probably all in the making a buck and probably not in some evil scheme to literally rule the world, a la Pinky and The Brain. Nevertheless, three-quarters of a year? A year and a half? Google thinks anonymizing (which is not erasing) IP addresses after 6480 hours strikes the right balance.
And yet, here i am...pointing you to YouTube... We are morons, tried and true; and we'll do our yell for you... (go to 3'54")

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dick c said...

"Michigan voted 50th most intelligent state"
Hey! As someone said, I resemble that remark!

Good to see you haven't changed!