12 October 2012

An important message

It's been months since i've written anything here, it's true, but i'm back with an important message:


There's a sizeable section of the working-to-middle class that are under the general impression that having a multimillionaire in office will somehow help them become multimillionaires by association. That will not happen. Wolves do not not teach sheep how to eat like wolves, they merely eat the sheep. Look to recent-to-present-day Italy for an example. They will just sell you out.

Illustration: There's a billionaire, a blue collar and a poor man all at the dinner table with a pie. The billionaire, with seven of the eight slices of the pie, says to the blue collar, "Watch out! That guy over there wants to steal your slice!"

anneshelby wrote (Sep 21, 2012 8:36pm EDT):
Is Romney in poverty? Why is he paying poverty level tax rates? He pays less than someone making $8,701 a year.
tax rates –
10% $0 – $8,700
15% $8,701 – $35,350
25% $35,351 – $85,650
28% $85,651 – $178,650
33% $178,651 – $388,350
35% $388,351+

That is all. Do the right thing.

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